Longer, Faster Hauler: Long-Wheelbase Porsche Panamera Coming Soon

Space — at least interior space — may be the final frontier for Porsche’s Panamera. New reports say an uber-long variant

The Panamera currently rides on a 115-inch wheelbase and its overall length is 195.7 inches; just a tad shorter than the Toyota Sienna minivan by 4.3 and 4.5 inches, respectively. But that should all change with the upcoming long-wheelbase version of Porsche’s four-door coupe.

According to a report by Car magazine, the automaker will release the stretched Panamera  sometime next year. Its wheelbase will be 6.1 inches longer than a normal Panamera, which puts it 1.8 inches past the Sienna and just 5.3 inches shy of the yoga studio-like confines of a BMW 740iL sedan. The overall length wasn’t provided, but we expect it to be north of 200 inches. Aside from making it that much harder for valet drivers to parallel park, the jumbo-sized Panamera should sell fairly well in markets such as China and Russia, where demand for chauffeur-driven long-wheelbase cars are in high demand. It is unknown which markets will get this variant.

If a super-size (or the normal) Panamera isn’t your taste, sources close to Car are fueling rumors of a mini-Panamera (possibly called the Pajun,  and a (true) coupe version with two doors. Confirmation and details of these two new models should arrive closer to the Panamera’s facelift, which is scheduled for 2013.

Source: Car

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