Watch Ryan Tuerck’s Ferrari-Powered Toyota GT86 Scream

So blasphemous we can’t help but love it

Drifting maven and horsepower maniac Ryan Tuerck is in the process of stuffing a Ferrari V-8 under the front hood of a drift-prepped Toyota GT86. To our delight, he’s documenting nearly every portion of the build process. The project is coming along nicely – so well, in fact, the team behind the car posted a video of the engine turning over for the first time. They also just posted a video of the beast in action.

Tuerck dubbed this Frankensteined creation “a JDM supercar.” It’s a full drift-spec build with the requisite cage, wheels, and capacity for an insane steering angle. Up front, the relatively asthmatic 2.0-liter FA20 flat-four engine is ripped out and supplanted by a 4.5-liter V-8 from a Ferrari 458 Italia. It requires a fair bit of mechanical wizardry to make a powerplant designed for a mid-engine set-up work in a front-engined platform and as we see in the video, the engine sits very high, with intake runners dominating the driver’s view.

The setup works, apparently. Along with a pure exhaust video, the team released a clip of the GT86 donut-ing around an actual Ferrari 458. It sounds about as glorious as you would imagine.

Listen to Ryan Tuerck’s Ferrari-powered Toyota in the video below.

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