Limited Edition 2008 Corvette 427 Z06 to be Auctioned for Earthquake Relief

General Motors planned on building approximately 427 examples of the Chevrolet Corvette ZO6 427 edition, but the last – car number 427 – is being auctioned for charity. The car will roll across the auction block this weekend at Barrett-Jackson’s extravaganza in Scottsdale, Arizona, and all proceeds will aid the American Red Cross in its efforts to help victims of the Haitian earthquake.

The 427 edition Corvette Z06 was designed to pay homage to big block Corvettes of old. The limited edition models are all painted in a unique Crystal Red metallic paint accented with a black Stinger-style stripe on the hood and front fascia. The stock wheels were replaced with spider-design chrome units, while Z06 emblems are clad in a similar finish. “427” badges adorn both the hood and engine cover, as well.

Inside, 427 Z06s receive a special body color center trim plate, and “427” logos embroidered in the seatbacks and floor mats. Chevy also adds a special plate — signed and numbered by Will Cooksey, a former Corvette plant manager — to denote the car as a limited-production model.

Ed Welburn, GM’s vice president of design, will introduce the car this Saturday at the B-J auction. In addition to donating all proceeds to the Red Cross, GM is also pledging $100,000 to help the rescue teams in Haiti.