Lightning GT Electric Sports Car Unveiled at 2008 British Motor Show

Want a British-built electric sports car that’s not sold by Tesla?; Turn instead to Lightning Motors, who unveiled its Lightning GT at the 2008 British Motor Show.

Although still under development, the GT made its first public debut at the show, allowing spectators to see the car’s dramatic lines in person.; From some angles, the GT resembles a Callaway C16 melded with a late-model Marcos coupe, but the overall result is much more elegant.

Styling aside, the Lightning GT is about clean performance.; The firm intends for the car to produce 700 hp through a series of four electric motors, reportedly capable of moving the GT to 60 mph in four seconds.; Lightning also plans to use a new lithium-ion battery, developed by AltairNano, to power the car.

Exact details – including the car’s range and pricing – aren’t yet public knowledge, but interested parties in Europe can reserve theirs for a £15,000 ($30,000) deposit.