Lexus LFA Demand Outpaces Projected Production, Leasing Remains Only Option

You’ll need more than $375,000 if you want to get your hands on the Lexus LFA supercar. It seems that the company won’t sell the car to just anybody, either. Lexus insists dealers pick the coolest, most visible people. “Dealers are almost handpicking the candidates,” said Toshio Furutani, global brand chief for Lexus. “This car is for promoting brand image.”

Interested parties were asked to wait until March to contact their dealer for details. As of now, more than 1000 customers have expressed interest in the company’s first supercar. Toyota says it will keep production limited to 500 units over the first two years.

Not only does Lexus want the car to be had by the most elite of customers, but the LFA will only be leased to true drivers. “There is a certain type of person we’d love to have driving the LFA,” said Furutani. “That’s why we’re reserving the final right to make the decision to ourselves.” We wonder if Lexus will mandate customers put a specific number of miles on its car while being leased.

“We want the owner who understands its value and who is an active driver, who drives the car quite often so that the car will be seen by others and talked about,” Furutani said.

Production for the 2011 LFA begins in December, with the car available for lease in early 2011. Customers may lease the vehicle for two years, with the option to buy at the end of the term.

Source: Automotive News


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