Future Cars

Lexus LF-A Concept

A sports-car concept possibly foreshadowing a supercar from Toyota‘s premium brand, the LF-A aims to, Lexus says, “explore the outer limits of sports car performance.” It would theoretically be developed in tandem with the company’s Formula 1 racing efforts to take advantage of competition-grade power- and drivetrains. With an engine capable of pumping out more than 500 horsepower, Lexus estimates a top speed of more than 200 mph.

The supercoupe also provides clear hints at future Lexus design. With a Z06-ish rake, it is more visually interesting than any previous Lexus. Particularly notable are the LF-A’s twin rear radiators, which are housed behind huge screens just aft of the rear wheels, and the inverted-triangle orientation of the triple exhaust pipes within the rear diffuser. Exterior features also include turbine-inspired wheels, Shrek-ear protrusions high on the A-pillars, and air scoops on the C-pillars.

The LF-A’s overall length measures 173.2 inches, which is two inches shorter than a Turbo, but its 101.6-inch wheelbase is nine inches longer. The Lexus is 73.2 inches wide and 48 inches tall.

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