Lexus LF A at Nurburgring 24

Sharing the garage at the Nurburgring 24 with Aston Martin is the Lexus LF-A. A quick glance and a few (poor) mobile phone pics and we’ve learned a bit.

We arrived at the circuit quite late today and after attending the opening of the new Aston Martin Nurburgring development center, we were able to walk the pit garages. To my surprise, Lexus is sharing the garage with Aston for the LF-A.

The images aren’t great but I can tell you this
-The engine sounds good though quite quiet and almost as if there are loud speakers around the circuit playing the sound of the V-10. Quite weird.
-The radiators look to be mounted in the rear corners of the back bumper
-The rear suspension is gorgeous with multiple links and a very short spring behind the half-shaft and the damper, seperate, in front of the half-shaft.
-The transmission is in the rear and looks straight out of a LeMans car.
-The car is painted in flat black and looks quite good
-There are a ton of Japanese techs working on the car and tweaking it all the time.
-The car is very, very cool

I’ll work on getting more info on the car…

Off to bed now as it’s near midnight in Germany