An LED takeover at Mercedes?

Given the evolution of LED lights in Audi vehicles (particularly the headlights in Audi’s R8, shown above), does Mercedes-Benz have plans to incorporate LED headlights into its future models?

Yes, but not yet.

During our CLS and CL 4Matic press trip to Austria, Mercedes representatives said the German marque is certainly exploring options with LED lighting. However, because of the generous amount of heat produced by LED headlights, the cost and space needed to cool those lights poses a significant hurdle for engineers. Of course, with a rear-engined vehicle such as the R8, there is already enough space behind the headlights to create an appropriate cooling system.

Mercedes reps also said that just because LED lighting has made its way to the automotive world, that doesn’t mean HID (xenon) lighting or even halogen bulbs will be retired any time soon.

Yet, outside the windows of Automobile Magazine’s office, a few blocks of Ann Arbor sidewalk lights have already been replaced with sets of brighter LEDs.

We can’t imagine Mercedes taking much longer than a local government to eventually swap all its older lights.

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