Le Mans, Part 2

2008 24 Hours of Le Mans, continued …

;Cool cars cruising around the grounds at the track on Friday afternoon included a 1940s military jeep and a Panther Kallista (pictured), along with countless Chevrolet Corvettes, Lotus 7–inspired roadsters, Aston Martins, TVRs, Ford GTs, Porsche 911s, and lots more auto exotica.

;We even spotted a very nice Ford Sierra XR4i, Europe’s version of the largely unloved Merkur XR4ti.

;Like infield campers at a NASCAR superspeedway, Le Mans fans set up camp well before the feature event. Tent cities like this are commonplace. Gee, that’s gotta be sanitary …

;The lusty Audi RS6 Avant’s front brake rotors are almost as large as the roundabout encircling the Arc de Triomphe.

;On Friday evening, downtown Le Mans closed down for the parade des pilotes, or drivers’ parade. Some vintage cars also joined the parade, including some of Audi’s beauties from its historical collection …

;… and an old Mercedes-Benz prototype. Oh, and dozens of Harley-Davidsons, of all things.

;The drivers’ parade was held in the shadow of the gargantuan Presbytère de la Cathédrale. Fireworks continued past midnight following the parade, but it’s now time for us to rest up for the big race, too.


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