Last GM Medium Duty Truck Rolls Off Assembly Line

Earlier this morning, the final medium duty truck built by General Motors–a white 2009 GMC TopKick C7500–rolled off the assembly line in Flint, Michigan.

Although GM had sold the majority of its heavy-duty truck business to Volvo AB in 1987 (forming the WhiteGMC brand), it had retained its medium-duty operations, which allowed it to build Class 5-Class 8 trucks. GM looked to exit the business as early as 2005, citing a need to cut costs and return to “core businesses.”
GM’s last range of medium duty trucks–dubbed GMT 560–were introduced in 2002, and broke new ground with its cab design, which was cribbed from the company’s full-size G-van range. The GMT 560 was also the first generation of medium-duty trucks to offer four-wheel-drive and crew cabs as factory options. Approximately 206,000 were built over the past seven years.
GM had tried to find a buyer for the medium duty operations, but talks with both Navistar and Isuzu ultimately proved unsuccessful.