Last 1953 Horch Built Found in Texas

Where would you expect to find the last Horch ever manufactured?; Certainly, we wouldn’t expect to find such a substantial piece of Audi history in the middle of Texas, but that’s exactly where the one-off 1953 Horch 830 BL was discovered.

Built in late 1953 for Dr. Richard Bruhn, then-president of Auto Union, the Horch was an unusual product.; At the time, Auto Union was thriving on selling small, thrifty DKW sedans in post-war Germany; large luxury sedans like the Horch couldn’t find favor with consumers and ultimately faded away.

That too could have been the case for this one-off limousine.; A U.S. soldier bought the car during a tour of duty, and shipped the Horch back home, driving it until the transmission gave in.; It was then that Al Wilson of San Angelo, Texas, bought the Horch for $500, saving it from the crusher.

Wilson had little knowledge about the car; nor did he know that historians at Audi were simultaneously looking for the car.; It wasn’t until Wilson’s family wrote the company’s headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany, that a connection was made, and the car was purchased for Audi’s historical collection.

Audi plans on treating the car to a full concours-quality restoration, but for now, it’s displayed in the Ingolstadt headquarters as-is.