Lancia Ypsilon Versus headed to 2008 Paris Motor Show

Auto shows often go for style and spectacle, but the unveiling of the new Lancia Ypsilon Versus, scheduled for the 2008 Paris motor show in October, will pull out all the stops.

Said to embody the ideas of Italian fashion, the car will be presented with all of the pomp and ceremony of any high-class fashion show. This sense of creativity, innovation, and style that the automaker is trying to promote is no accident, as it the Ypsilon Versus is a collaboration between Lancia and Versus, a Versace Group brand.

The car boasts sixteen-inch alloy rims and bronze chrome finish on the bumpers, tailgate, and door moulding. Inside there is brown and pearl leather adorning the car and a highly detailed instrument panel and gearbox.

The show car is a forerunner of a special series of 500 cars that will be marketed in early 2009.