Lamborghini to Use Pushrod Suspension Setup in Next-Gen Supercar

Lamborghini ‘s all-new 700-horsepower-V-12-powered Murcielago successor (which we drove late last year) is scheduled for the Geneva Motor Show this March, and slowly but surely, details of the new supercar are reaching the public. The latest bit of info comes regarding the car’s suspension system. Apparently, Lamborghini has looked to race cars for inspiration and will use a pushrod suspension design in its newest road rocket.

Frequently used in open-wheel racing such as that in the Formula 1 series, a pushrod suspension combined with an A-arm setup provides acceptable comfort levels for long durations in the car, while also offering improved steering feel. With steering control remaining separate from the damper and the damper being mounted directly to the chassis, Lamborghini claims handling is more responsive and damper precision is increased.

Aluminum components are used extensively in the suspension, with carbon ceramic brake discs also helping to shed weight from the chassis. Six-piston brake calipers are fitted in the front, with four-piston units in the rear, hiding under 19- and 20-inch wheels, respectively. Steering is hydraulic with three different modes depending on driving conditions.

Stay tuned right here for more information as it becomes available.

Source:  Lamborghini