Volkswagen/Audi Design Center California: Mobile Lounge

Source: Volkswagen

Enter the Mobile Lounge and start enjoying the metropolitan experience. Your inevitable gridlock captivity is now a time of relaxed productivity, socializing or leisure, while the Mobile Lounge negotiates the streets of L.A. for you.

The whisper-quiet fuel-cell technology whisks you toward your destination, while electronically controlled variable-tinted glass offers you a choice between unobstructed scenery or total privacy. Reclined in the comforts of the Mobile Lounge’s light and open living space, you are surrounded by all the amenities that make for a pleasurable journey.

As a passenger in your own vehicle, Mobile Lounge delivers you to your destination refreshed and ready for what lies ahead. Whether it’s a day at the beach, a night on the town or just cruising around, the Mobile Lounge makes the destination almost as fun as the journey.