BMW Group DesginworksUSA: Mini Canyon Carver

Source: Mini

The Canyon Carver Mini concept incorporates all the driving dynamics expected from the Mini brand while adding utility for the LA lifestyle. Not only can it provide open-air fun, but also it is able to deliver a driving experience normally reserved for less practical sports cars.

The rear compartment can become a storage bed for surfboards, snowboards and other outdoor gear. When not in use, the rear is easily converted to a normal four passenger seating arrangement. With over 260 hp, Mini handling and an open-air configuration, the Canyon Carver is equally at home driving through mountain roads, city streets, or going to the beach.

The Mini Canyon Carver concept is designed to exceed expectations. This car is purpose built to shatter any preconceived notions about the MINI brand. With its high power-to-weight ratio, ultra-light materials and Mini handling, the Canyon Carver is always poised for action. Its carbon fiber rollover structure provides not only safety, but also an amazing amount of stiffness to limit body flexing and deliver superior handling. It is the ultimate L.A. machine.

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