Hyundai Kia America Design Center: Kitsch Wagon

Source: Kia

From the intersection of Hollywood and Melrose to that of Sunset and Santa Monica, the real Los Angeles is a chaotic mix of culture, color and texture. Every building and storefront is a unique, gritty, in-your-face statement, with no dominating architectural style. From cars to clothes, everyone wants to stand out from the crowd, and the faux thrift-store look is definitely in.

The Kia Kitsch Wagon combines Street Rod Culture with Latino, Asian, Hip-Hop, and Surfer Culture, with a heavy dose of `60’s American Kitsch. Classic LA symbolism is used heavily throughout the interior and exterior, including flames, stars, crosses, spikes and bullet shapes. The overall exterior design is raw and deconstructive, with a low, imposing stance. The interior is designed to create a social environment, where people want get together and cruise.

The basic design of the Kitsch Wagon is dominated by the engine and passenger compartments coming together abruptly at the firewall and wrapping around into the doors. The engine section is dominated by huge fenders that house 26-inch billet-aluminum wheels and patterned whitewall tires. The grill is a single large opening with a spiked grill mesh. The hood features exposed fuel cell stacks on top, and wraps dramatically downward on the sides, giving the impression that the wheels are taller than the hood. The semi-open wheeled design also features exposed bullet-shaped headlamps and taillamps.

The dominant feature of the passenger section is the low-brow wraparound windshield with forward-swept A-pillars, panoramic sunroof, and the flame-patterned side glass. The interior is designed to convert form a driving mode to a full lounge when parked, with Kustom audio, video, and navigation. The 36-inch DVD monitor can be viewed from inside the lounge or outside the tailgate. Perfect for cruising or just posing!