Hyundai Kia American Design Center: NTT

Source: Hyundai

Part surfboard; part skateboard; part boom-box. The Hyundai NTT or “ENTITY” is designed with the L.A. scene in mind. With a removable surfboard forming part of the roofline, the NTT is ideal for weekend getaways to the beach. When not at the beach, the NTT is the ultimate street cruiser.

Its narrow body and extra long wheelbase houses tandem seating. The doors are long, and when fully swung open they provide the perfect backdrop for an impromptu music bash. Powerful speakers swing out to create a true outdoor concert experience.

The NTT is a hybrid electric vehicle. Its surfboard inspired cab is extra slippery without sacrificing headroom. Running boards enable easy access to the roof and roomy interior.

The Hyundai NTT “Entity” is not only a vehicle but also a way of life!