Honda Research and Development: C2C Concept

Source: Honda

Four-wheel transportation, Los Angeles style, is synthesized in the Honda C2C concept. C2C (signifying “coast to crest”), embraces the best of Los Angeles driving with predictive computer-assisted handling for motorcycle-hounding performance on Mulholland Drive and Angeles Crest.

An optimistic wide-open cockpit design encourages interaction with the beautiful weather and the colorful urban landscape. The compact power unit drives the rear wheels and produces an invigorating soundtrack for the enthusiastic driver, while electric motors take command to quietly pull the car through crawling traffic sludge. Body, engine, and chassis are integrated in one svelte unit, while the simple soft-form tub-style interior–supplemented by an adjustable pedal box and hand controls–helps the vehicle maintain a power-to-weight ratio usually only available in exotic cars.

It is the weekend, and it is sunny, of course. Do you head for the hills or head for the surf?