Kids and Cars

My grandfather loved cars, my dad loves cars, and I love cars. Now I have two kids of my own and I keep wondering if they’ll catch the automotive bug. If what happened last night is any indication, it looks like the passion will continue.

I held my one-year-old son up to the window last night to point out a few items outside the front of the house. This included a tree, a bush, a mailbox, the road, and a truck. As I made my way through the items, he didn’t say anything until I pointed at the Saab Turbo X press car in the driveway. He smiled, turned to me, and said "car." That made this dad very happy considering it was his first word ever.

Now I’m concerned what kind of cars he is going to like. So far, my slighlty older daughter is in the clear as she too loves cars and wants a Bentley or a yellow Mini. What if my son only likes big SUVs? What if he cares nothing about manual transmissions? What if he ends up hating cars? What if the whole world ends up hating cars?

I can’t think about such things. That said, I believe I will shop for a couple of go-karts this weekend. I need to make sure my kids keep the bug that has brought me so many smiles. Now all I need to do is find a track where the kids can race the karts while still in diapers. Hopefully my wife won’t mind. They’ll wear a helmet!