Luckiest Kid Ever Gets Lamborghini Birthday of His Dreams

Imagine you are seven years old. Imagine you are obsessed with Lamborghini. Imagine a fleet of Lamborghini supercars shows up to your birthday party, and you get a ride in a blacked-out Aventador. A young California boy named Jacob got the chance to live out this fantasy, after his father put out a request to the Lamborghini North Los Angeles Facebook page.

Nick Stern, Jacob’s dad, humbly asked if any Lamborghini owners had it in their hearts to come to his son’s birthday celebration and let him take a short ride. The Lamborghini community showed up in spades.

Jacob and his friends shriek with glee as the first bull-badged Lamborghini pulls up to the suburban home. Before he knows it, at least two Aventadors, a pair of Gallardo Spyders, and a Murcielago arrive outside Jacob’s birthday party. He can hardly believe it when he is asked to go for a spin around the neighborhood in a 700-hp Lamborghini Aventador, whose doors alone dwarf him when opened. The car’s owners don’t appear to have demonstrated the Aventador’s claimed top speed of 217 mph, but Jacob seems more than happy with his brief ride aboard the twelve-cylinder coupe.

Kudos to Lamborghini North Los Angeles for making this kid’s day. Their collaboration is a salient reminder of the way supercars can continue to stun and dazzle the imagination. Now will somebody please nominate Jacob’s dad for Father of the Year?