Kia Launches Special Edition “Denim Soul”

Style is obviously a key selling point to the new 2010 Kia Soul, so we’re not surprised to see the company launch the new Denim Soul, the first of a series of designer-edition models.

Unlike the AMC Gremlin Levi’s of days gone, the Denim nomenclature refers to the Soul’s exterior, not interior. The Denim Soul is painted with a grey-blue color that, remarkably, is reminiscent of a pair of jeans. Designers also threw in a slew of white accents, including asymmetrical racing stripes, mirror covers, and 18-inch aluminum wheels.

Kia’s still mum on equipment levels and other specifics, but Kia-World reports the Denim Soul also receives fog lamps, a moonroof, an iPod connector, and embroidered seats. Expect the designer Soul to start at just over $17,300, and to move quickly–only 1200 examples will be built.

Source: Kia, Kia-World