Kia Borrego Supposedly Put out to Pasture for 2010

When Kia launched the Borrego SUV in the summer of 2008, there was an elephant in the room in the form of record fuel prices and declining demand for body-on-frame SUVs. Reviews of the vehicle didn’t take more than sentence or two to condemn the timing of the big Kia. Despite Kia’s typical value pricing, the Borrego seems to be a victim of 2009’s horrifying recession.

With just 9510 Kia Borrego SUVs sold in the U.S. by the end of November, a report has hit that cites an unnamed Kia spokesman saying the model won’t be making a return to U.S. soil in 2010. According to the report, Kia was hoping for sales of more than double that figure annually – 20,000 units or more. We hear that sales in the Borrego’s home Korean market have been better; the vehicle is called the Mohave there. According to the report, Kia has not ruled out bringing the Borrego back to the U.S. when sales conditions improve.

-Rory Jurnecka

Source: The Car Connection