List Trawling: Audi S4 Avant, Mercedes-Benz Camper Truck, Cummins Mustang, and More

Five of this week’s most interesting cars for sale

For better or for worse, it’s “cool” to be a car guy right now. The market has never been stronger, and thus, the internet is flooded with all manner of four-wheeled wonders. We like to shine the spotlight on certain spectacular cars, but for every one we focus on, a hundred more slip by. To make up for the ones that got away, here’s our roundup of this week’s coolest cars up for grabs.

2001 Audi S4 Avant 6-Speed

Like last time, we’re starting off with something sensible before we dive headfirst into all the weirdness that the online marketplace has to offer. Aside from atrocious reliability (or lack thereof), this Cactus Green Pearl S4 Avant is as cool (and sensible) as they come.

According to Bring a Trailer, this is just one of six S4 Avants that made it to the U.S. with a manual transmission. This is a B5 S4, so power comes from a twin-turbocharged 2.7-liter V-6, putting down a respectable 250 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. Need more oompf? 350+ hp is immediately available through a quick aftermarket tune.

Lucky for you, this Avant already comes packing some extra firepower. According to the listing, this green machine features a Stage 2 ECU tune, exhaust and intake upgrade, and revised coolant sensor. To keep things civil at speed, the Avant rides on aggressive H&R coilovers and Stern engine mounts.

Find this German jewel on BaT here.

1989 Ford Mustang LX Cummins

Alright, enough messing around — here’s our strange find of the week. Listed on Eastern North Carolina Craigslist is a white ’89 Foxbody with red-top Cummins power.

Visually, it looks like any other modified Foxbody, right down to the replica Cobra R wheels. Underneath the expansive front hood is a 3.9-liter 4BT Cummins inline-four turbodiesel, sending power to the rear wheels through a beefy 700R4 automatic transmission.

Before you keel over at the thought of a diesel, four-banger Mustang, consider that many of these Foxbodies are tired, worn-out shells at this point. A reliable, torque-happy anchor under the hood is just what many of these need to keep on cruising.

If you do end up picking this Frankenstein’s monster up, keep in mind it still has the stock suspension, so this is best enjoyed on the straight and narrow. Don’t forget the heavy-cast 4BT weighs upwards of 800 pounds, giving this Pony a “raked, mean looking attitude.”

Find it here on East NC Craigslist for $6,000.

1977 Porsche 911 Targa

Sorry, it’s a condition — we can’t make it one list without including some sort of vintage Porsche. Addictions aside, this restomod Targa is special. Like many high-dollar Porsche builds, this one smacks of Singer, despite coming from an entirely different shop.

The car has been professionally backdated, wearing the smoother proportions of an earlier (’68 – ’73) generation of 911. It’s tasteful stuff, especially when covered in that fabulous Ice Green Metallic paint. It sits with a purposeful stance, thanks to Bilstein sport shocks and handsome Fuch-style wheels.

There’s too many modifications to list here, so make sure you check out the Targa here on BaT before it’s gone.

1987 Dodge Raider

Thanks to Chrysler’s partnership with Mitsubishi reaching back to the 1970s, we got low-volume shipments of neat little JDM cars and trucks for a few model years. This boxy Raider is a rebadged Mitsubishi Pajero, a direct competitor to the Toyota Land Cruiser and Isuzu Trooper that offered the same go-anywhere, run-forever attitude as the other two.

The Raider was sold on our shores for just three model years, so there aren’t many of these around. Scoop this up and go blaze some trails here on Craigslist for just $3,200.

Mercedes Benz L-Series Expedition Truck

Feeling adventurous? Check out this rough-and-ready Merc L-Series camper for sale in Houston. It’s not fast, efficient, or nimble, but it will take you anywhere your roaming heart desires, and then some.

Details are very scant, but from the photos, it looks to be fully functional and ready to drive. The living cabin isn’t exactly cutting-edge design, but it’s practical and safe. No powertrain information either, but it’s safe to assume it’s torquey and long-geared.

Go explore the world with this $20,000 L-Series, available on Craigslist here.