Just Listed: 1944 Ford GPW 4×4

A non-original off-road runabout

Hot on the heels of the mega-obscure Bertone Freeclimber from earlier this week, we’re back with another 4×4 up for grabs. It’s not nearly as apocryphal as the Bertone, but we’re sure this 1944 Ford GPW 4×4 will tickle all the right off-road fancies.

When demand for the versatile 4×4 began to pour in around 1940, production was split between Willys and Ford, as the relatively small Willys-Overland was not able to keep up with the mandated 75 units per day. Still, the Willys name stuck in popular consciousness while Ford’s involvement in the Jeep was less remembered, despite some 280,000 Ford GPWs built.

BaT doesn’t provide much in-depth history on this particular Willys, but it’s safe to say it wasn’t a civilian-spec 4×4. Visually, the GPW is in great “driver” condition, with just enough wear and tear to make it suitable for general use. The GPW was painted “some time ago” from its original military presentation, now wearing light blue paint.

According to the seller, the little GPW was refreshed and mildly restored in the late 1990s. There is a chance a few non-original body panels were added, so you can forget about this serving as a show-winning investment. The signature skinny tires were replaced with meaty Pirelli all-terrains, increasing off-road performance substantially.

Mechanically, the GPW is a solid driver as well. The “Go Devil” four-banger remains stock, aside from a necessary 12V conversion. When the engine was brand new, 60 hp and 105 lb-ft of torque was sent to the rear or all-four wheels though a three-speed manual transmission and two-speed transfer case.

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1944 Ford GPW Just Listed Rear Three Quarters