Feature Flick: F1 Champ Jenson Button Takes Aussie V8 Supercar Racer For Spin

From Formula 1 to the Australian V-8 Supercar Championship Series, Jenson Button swapped cars with Craig Lowndes recently for a day of racing fun that entertained fans at the Mount Panorama track in Bathurst, Australia.

After driving the course in his Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, Button was impressed with the track.

“There were a couple of corners that every time I got there I thought I was in the right place, and you’re not,” Button said. “But that’s what makes it such a special circuit. Most circuits I go to I can pick up within two laps. Here, you can see it taking a half a day.”

Watch the car-swapping video here:

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Craig Lowndes had a chance to drive the F1 car (while Button drove the V8 Supercar) and was impressed with the feel of the acceleration.

“The car power-to-weight ratio is quite amazing compared to a V8 supercar,” Lowndes said.

To view a full lap with Button at the wheel of his F1 car from an onboard camera, see the video below.

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Source: Vodafone Australia