Japanese Tuner HKS Supercharges 2011 Honda CR-Z, Sounds Like F1 Engine

The 2011 CR-Z hatchback has received mixed feelings for its looks, but there’s no argument that it’s not the vehicle Honda promised in terms of fuel economy and performance. Japanese tuner HKS just released a YouTube clip displaying its solution to that problem: a supercharger.

In 2007, we saw the hybrid sports car that would become the 2011 Honda CR-Z at the Tokyo Auto Show. With modern-day styling reminiscent of Honda’s CR-X, excellent fuel economy, and sporty characteristics, what more could we ask for in a compact Honda hatchback? Its fuel economy and performance figures were slightly underwhelming, but HKS is working on a proposed solution to address the issue of performance, however, by bolting on a new supercharger system.

After viewing a teaser video of an HKS-powered supercharged CR-Z on YouTube, we’re left in complete awe. The thing screams like a Formula 1 car and rips through the gears nearly faster than the tester can keep up. HKS suggests a horsepower figure around 250, although the numbers haven’t been confirmed. The hatchback has absolutely no trouble reaching 169 km/h (105 mph) on the dyno. Since the CR-Z hasn’t returned impressive EPA figures from the get go, we’re pretty sure that folks who supercharge their vehicles aren’t concerned with mileage.

The CR-Z hits U.S. dealer lots this month. Would you consider supercharging yours?

Source: HKS, YouTube