Japanese “Dodge Quest” channels “Zelda,” touts Caliber

What do 8-bit graphics, “The Legend of Zelda,” and a Dodge Caliber have in common?; We’re not sure, but they’re all included in “Dodge-Quest,” a new online video game tied to Dodge’s Japanese marketing effort.

In a blatant rip-off of Nintendo’s early “Zelda” games, your character (conveniently named ‘Coronet’ by default) sets out to win the love of a local maiden, who claims to love only men who drive Dodges.; How convenient – a Dodge dealer lies just next door, and Coronet scrambles to beg, plead, and rob money just to buy a Caliber and steal her heart away.

Yes, it’s a lame story; we’ve seen better plot lines hatched during a Ron Popeil infomercial.; Still, “Dodge-Quest” is somewhat entertaining, and the Caliber, Nitro, and Avenger admittedly look attractive when rendered in 8-bit graphics.

Don’t believe us?; Play for yourself at; Don’t say we didn’t warn you.