Italian Earthquakes May Delay Lamborghini Aventador Production

After earthquakes ravaged parts of Italy in May, Lamborghini has been forced to slow down production of its Aventador supercar. The automaker says that the earthquakes caused some Italian suppliers to shut down temporarily, which might lead to delays in production of the Aventador.

Earthquakes that hit the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy briefly caused Lamborghini and fellow Italian automaker Ferrari to halt vehicle production. Neither company sustained any damages to its facilities or any injuries to employees, but work was stopped as a precaution. However, Lamborghini now says that it might have to slow down assembly of the Aventador supercar because some of its suppliers were affected by the earthquake. Production of the Lamborghini Gallardo is apparently unaffected.

Although Lamborghini itself was not impacted by the earthquakes, several suppliers have been forced to relocate production of components to other parts of Italy. Reconstruction in the Emilia-Romagna region has been hampered by continuing small aftershocks. While that takes place, the suppliers will be unable to provide Lamborghini with parts critical to building the Aventador. It’s unclear at this time what parts might be delayed, and for how long production would be halted.

The company plans to help employees affected by the earthquake by giving them a free vacation day, and offering financial support. Lamborghini also will help rebuild several nearby towns by funding the reconstruction of five local school science laboratories.

Ferrari likewise announced plans to help victims, and will hold an online auction of cars and memorabilia, with proceeds to benefit those affected by the earthquakes. Production of new Ferrari cars, however, has so far been unaffected by the natural disasters.

Source: Lamborghini

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