Is Ferrari creating a four wheel drive car?

We’ve heard some hype about Ferrari creating a four wheel drive sports car.; Rather than postulate about it, we just asked them.

I’m not the biggest fan of all wheel drive in sports cars.; Why?; Well, to be honest, it’s not about all-out speed on the back roads, it’s more about fun.; And what’s more fun than a big, long power slide?; The speeds required to do that on most AWD cars – if it’s even possible at all – are so high that they’re best reserved for airfields and snow.; But who drives their Ferrari in the snow?

Happily, Ferrari has said that they have no plans to use four wheel drive in any of their cars.;For the moment, my dreams of Ferrari power slides haven’t been disturbed.; It appears that Ferrari has developed an;AWD system, but they’re not planning on using it.; At least not yet.

Here’s what Ferrari had to say:

“Ferrari is a leader in technological development and is fully committed to developing innovative solutions to engineering challenges which can improve our technological leadership, an essential part of the Ferrari “DNA”. As with all car manufacturers who develop technological innovations, these are often registered to protect the intellectual property of the investment. This does not mean that all the technology which Ferrari develops will ultimately appear on our road cars, and there are currently no plans to implement such a system as this “insertable 4WD” in any of the Ferrari range.”


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