International Automotive Media Awards 2006

Every year, awards are given for the best in automotive media. Our winners are listed below. Congratulations, everyone!

Best of 2006

For “Veyron in the USA,” in AUTOMOBILE, the Best of 2006 is awarded to Jean Jennings

Best of Magazines
Jean Jennings, for “Veyron in the USA,” published in AUTOMOBILE Magazine

E-6, History: general
“Sting Racer, in AUTOMOBILE, Gold to Don Sherman

E-18, Collector Vehicles
“Unreliably Reliable,” in AUTOMOBILE, Silver to Jamie Kitman

E-20, Commentary
“Car Wars,” in AUTOMOBILE, Gold to Richard Feast

E-28, Introduction of New Model
“Emirates Express,” in AUTOMOBILE, Silver to Ezra Dyer
“Predictable Excellence,” in AUTOMOBILE, Silver to Joe DeMatio

E-31, Road Test
“Veyron in the USA,” in AUTOMOBILE, Gold to Jean Jennings

F-41, Design: cover
“20th Anniversary,” Gold to AUTOMOBILE Magazine

F-43, Design: article
“Muscle Rules Again,” in AUTOMOBILE, Silver to Tim Andrew
“Do Rich Guys have all the Fun?” in AUTOMOBILE, Gold to Tom Salt

F-48, Single Photo: Color
“Veyron in the USA,” in AUTOMOBILE, Silver to Tom Salt

F-49, Single Photo: digitally manipulated
MINI Cooper,” Bronze to AUTOMOBILE Magazine

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