IntelliChoice, AutoPacific Announce 2012 Motorist Choice Awards

What happens when you merge AutoPacific’s Vehicle Satisfaction Awards with IntelliChoice’s Best Overall Value Of The Year Awards? The result is the 2012 Motorist Choice Awards, which were formally announced early this morning.

How do those two firms determine the Motorist Choice winners? The methodology is fairly straightforward: Auto Pacific surveys more than 75,000 new car buyers on satisfaction with their purchase, while Intellichoice surveys and monitors various cost of ownership metrics. Cars that receive high marks from owners and are relatively affordable to operate are in the MCA running.

“The Motorist Choice Award methodology is designed to get to the core of what consumers want to know when making purchase decisions,” said Eric Anderson, ownership cost database supervisor at IntelliChoice. “Through our analysis, we can identify vehicles that speak to their hearts and to their wallets. Based on our research, we’re proud to recommend these vehicles to consumers.”

So, what won in 2012? IntelliChoice and AutoPacific broke the winners into several categories, and split each into popular and premium segments. “Rather than shopping vehicles within a specific segment, buyers look for a vehicle based on their needs and desires,” said Daniel Hall, AutoPacific’s vice-president . “By paying attention to these patterns and incorporating our satisfaction data and IntelliChoice’s ownership insights, we can offer sound advice whether buyers are seeking a high-tech head-turner or a kid-friendly, fun-to-drive vehicle.”

The 2012 winners are as follows:

For more information on the results of the 2012 Motorist Choice Award survey, visit both and .

Source: IntelliChoice, AutoPacific

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