Infiniti Q50 Transforms Into Eau Rouge in New Video

Before he left, former Infiniti CEO Johan de Nysschen insisted that the Q50 Eau Rouge makes it to production. If that happens, the car will be very different from the standard Q50 on sale now. That difference is illustrated in this new video produced by TEN’s own Mind Over Eye studios.

In the video, a standard Infiniti Q50 is seen driving on a winding road. The car is parked in front of an office, and the couple gets out and heads inside the building. With no one watching, the Q50 is transformed by movie magic into the Q50 Eau Rouge prototype. The newly liberated 560-hp beast drives into the night, carving up roads and roaring through tunnels. The Eau Rouge returns home and transforms back into a standard Q50 before its owners know it was ever missing.

Watch the Infiniti Q50 transform into the Q50 Eau Rouge in the video below and click here to check out Infiniti’s “The Beast Within” microsite.