Infiniti M45

[cars name="Nissan"]‘s baby Q.

Don’t look now, but Infiniti is filling out its product line faster than you can say Carlos Ghosn. Bridging the gap between the G35 and Q45 sedans, the 2003 M45 is Infiniti’s answer to the BMW 540i and the Lexus GS430—cars that serve enthusiast drivers who won’t be satisfied by anything that propels itself with its front wheels. Blessed with a superb engine—the Q’s 340-horsepower, 4.5-liter V-8—and a $40,000 base price, the M45 should appeal to practical, affluent, power-hungry shoppers. The M45 comes with a five-speed manu-matic, traction and skid control, four-wheel ABS with brake assist, and eighteen-inch wheels. The passenger compartment can be appointed with techno-gadgets including a navigation system, voice recognition, adaptive cruise control, and climate-controlled front seats, but by then you’re treading on Q45 territory.

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