If Saab Dies, Will the Newly Developed 9-5 Die too?

Saab recently showed its completely new 9-5 at the 2009 Frankfurt auto show last September. With operations at the brand being wound down, will the new 9-5 be sent to the grave, too?

With the current 9-5 having just under a decade under its belt, the Swedish flagship was a little overdue for a complete overhaul. With millions of dollars in design and R&D work put into the new car, several sources don’t think GM would let a perfectly good car go to waste. Swedish news source DN is speculating that the new 9-5 may indeed live on, but possibly as a Buick. The car would require a complete re-skinning if it were to fit into the Buick lineup though. The new line of Buick offerings, with their distinctive corporate grilles and slanted headlights are quite different from that of the new 9-5.

We’re not completely convinced that the new 9-5 will surface as a Buick, but we won’t be surprised to see it somewhere in the GM lineup in the near future. Keep in mind that while the last nail in the Saab coffin hasn’t been hammered quite yet; it still doesn’t look very good for the Swedish brand.

Source: via Saabs United


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