Ice Cold A/C vs Tailpipe Emissions

There’s lots of talk about what the automobile is doing to Mother Earth but what about the ice cold restaurants and shops in the middle of summer?

It was 92 degrees and humid in Ann Arbor last week. I needed to run out for a few groceries so I popped over to the store. As I walked in the door, I couldn’t believe how cold it was inside. It reminded me of restaurants in Florida. Even when it’s hot outside, you need to bring along a sweater or a jacket to eating establishments in the Sunshine State or you’ll freeze your butt off. There is something wrong with this.

It seems the whole world is telling us that the automobile is ruining the earth. I’m all for building cars that burn less fuel but we can’t just pick on the automotive sector. I would love to know how much of an effect the high use of electricity to cool a building to such low temperatures has on greenhouse gases.

Life is about balance. We need to work in all sectors of society to help the earth because I want my kids and their kids to grow up in a healthy environment. That said, I hope my kids are able to enjoy the sound of a big, burly V-8 taking off brickly from a stop light in 15 year’s time. Plus, hopefully the world will get smart and my kids will never have to take a sweater along to dinner in Florida in the middle of August.