Hyundai to show Blue-Will Hybrid Concept at Seoul Motor Show

This little hatchback is the Blue-Will hybrid concept that Hyundai will show at next month’s Seoul Motor Show. According to the automaker, it serves as a showcase for the company’s latest hybrid technologies.

Since “blue” is the new green for Hyundai, the Blue-Will is made up of eco-friendly materials. The headlamp bezels are made of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET), better known as the plastic often used in soft drink bottles. Meanwhile, bio-plastics are used in the interior and engine compartment. These materials are bio-degradable and made from plant extracts instead of fossil fuels.

Propulsion for the Blue-Will comes from Hyundai’s parallel hybrid drive architecture. This means it has a gas-powered, direct-injection 1.6-liter engine mated to a CVT and a 134 hp electric motor. Power for the electric motor comes from the hybrid’s lithium ion polymer battery pack mounted under the rear seats. Hyundai will be the first to mass market the Lithium Ion Polymer technology when the Elantra LPI Hybrid goes on sale in Korea in July this year.

The sophisticated hybrid drive system isn’t the Blue-Will’s only party piece. The car also features transparent dye-sensitized solar cells in its panoramic roof. The cells absorb energy from the sun to generate power for the batteries without impeding visibility.

Hyundai will release further details about the Blue-Will when it is revealed at the Seoul Motor Show on April 2.


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