Hyundai Sales Impress — Again

The Hyundai Group has done it again. The South Korean automaker impresses with a November sales gain of 34 percent over the same period last year. The company may not be so popular in Japan, but it sure has something going for it in the U.S.

Sales of its Accent and Elantra models are almost twice that of last year. The company has improved its 2009 sales thus far by 7 percent compared to 2008. While the company still lags behind most of the heavy hitters, its sales gains are relatively impressive.

Still nearly 3 million units behind where we were this time last year, November sales have remained constant with 2008 figures. With its 34-percent November sales gain, the Hyundai group has increased its market share by 36 percent.

“While we have continued to deliver substantial year-over-year sales gains and sustained market share growth, we were, quite frankly, hoping that the economy and overall industry would have bounced back a bit more than we are seeing right now,” said Dave Zuchowski, VP of Hyundai sales.

Source: Automotive News