Hyundai Recalls 2011 Sonata, Revises Door Latch Design

Hyundai announced it is recalling the 2011 Sonata sedan for an issue pertaining to the door latch mechanism. According to Hyundai rep Miles Johnson, the automaker is currently working with the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration to resolve the issue in a timely fashion.

According to Johnson, the recall potentially affects up to 5000 vehicles, although only 1300 of those cars are actually in customers’ hands. The defect itself relates to the front door locks, which are designed to unlock when the interior door lever is pulled. If someone were to hold the lock while the door lever is being pulled, the door latch will stick in the open position, preventing the door from closing properly. In some cases, fiddling with the lock and door lever will reset the mechanism.

In any case, Hyundai is responding to a few formal complaints issued by customers. The problem was identified last week, and 2011 Sonatas are currently being manufactured with a revised latch design. Dealers will inspect both inventories and customer vehicles for latches that wear a “defective” code. If found, the assembly will be replaced free of charge.

The revised parts are reportedly at dealers nationwide now, and says owners will be notified shortly. Hyundai expects all repairs – each taking an hour or so – to be made within a relatively short period of time.

Owners of 2011 Sonatas should contact their local dealers for more information.

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