UPDATED: Hyundai Previews Super Bowl Ads, Promises Cameo By The Flaming Lips

It is Super Bowl ad preview week, and Hyundai is trickling out information about its 2.5 minutes of advertisements to air on Sunday night. While the automaker has already released three of its five advertisements and synopses of the other two, including mention of a cameo by alt-rock group The Flaming Lips.

In all, Hyundai says it’s purchased 2.5 minutes of advertising time on Sunday night. That time includes two 30-second in-game spots during the first and second quarters, a 30-second spot during the pre-game show, and a flagship advertisement–a 60-second spot that airs just before kickoff. For those following at home, here’s some math: it’s estimated that 30 seconds of advertising will cost up to $3.8 million, so Hyundai’s total haul cost the automaker somewhere in the neighborhood of $9.5 million in airtime fees alone.

The first of three ads you see below is titled “Stuck,” the second-quarter advertisement. It’s a simple ad, a 30-second nod to all of the terrible and dangerous things you can easily pass with the 274-hp Sonata Turbo. The second ad below is “Excited,” a 30-second pre-game ad features sportscaster Gus Johnson narrating a Genesis R-Spec as it races around a track. The third ad below is “Don’t Tell,” a 30-second pre-game spot that shows some of the things you can do with a Hyundai Santa Fe, including the mischievous sorts of things you shouldn’t tell mom or dad about.

That leaves two question marks for Hyundai’s big-game lineup. One of the two ads we haven’t seen is titled “Team,” and it follows a team of boys who enlist help from his mom and her Hyundai Santa Fe to take down “neighborhood troublemakers.” The second ad is Hyundai’s crown jewel, and it’s titled “Epic PlayDate.” It’s the 60-second pre-kick ad, for the seven-passenger Santa Fe, and Hyundai says it follows a family on, well, “an unforgettable and epic play date.” That’s not very descriptive, but Hyundai added that “the ad features a cameo and soundtrack…by a legendary alternative rock band.”

When he visited Automobile Magazine headquarters last week, Hyundai CEO John Krafcik wouldn’t tell us exactly who that “legendary alternative rock band” is, but it’s reportedly alt-rock legends The Flaming Lips. Depending on your tastes in music, the cameo is enough to outshine similar efforts by Kia (who enlisted Motley Crue’s help in 2012) and Hyundai itself (which used Kiss in its “Helping Parents to Rock” fake PSA).

Will Hyundai’s Santa Fe make like The Flaming Lips’ classic album and “Battle the Pink Robots?” Will it “Ego [Trip] at the Gates of Hell?” Nobody knows just yet. The ad debuts on CBS in just over six days, and the seven-passenger Santa Fe debuts later this year.

UPDATE: Hyundai has released the fourth ad, “Team,” which we’ve embedded below.

Source: Hyundai


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