Hyundai i10 Could be Sold in US

The smart fortwo and Honda Fit are huge hits right now and Hyundai might play in that segment soon. The Hyundai i10 supposedly gets 56 miles per gallon and slots in between the Smart and Fit in terms of size. We could see an i10 on sale in the U.S. in the near future.

If the i10 does come to the States, expect it to gain weight and horsepower. Right now the i10 weighs 1892 pounds with a manual transmission, but Hyundai estimates the car would need to weigh another 400 pounds to meet U.S. safety regulations. To handle the extra weight, engineers in the U.S. are looking to improve upon the 1.2-liter I-4 engine’s meager 80 hp. The i10 is also available with a 1.1-liter I-4 that produces 66 hp. For comparison, the Smart weighs 1808 pounds and has 70 hp. A Honda Fit weighs 2432 pounds and packs 109 hp.

According to Automotive News, the i10 could be badges ad a Hyundai, a Kia, or both if it does end up on dealer lots in the U.S. It’s clearly too early to predict a price for U.S.-bound i10s, but the car retails for approximately $7800 to $11,200 in India right now, so don’t expect it to be Tata Nano cheap.

Source: Automotive News