Hybrid Kinetic Motors

Ambition is essential for any new enterprise. If that were all it took to succeed, Chinese-American start-up automaker Hybrid Kinetic Motors would be a sure thing to outsell General Motors – which is, in fact, one of its goals.

40 The translation of the Italian “quaranta,” the name of the striking concept car Italdesign displayed at the 2008 Geneva auto show to celebrate four decades in the car business. That concept (above) recently resurfaced in Alabama, sporting HK Motors logos.

250 The approximate number of concept and production cars that Italdesign’s Giorgetto Giugiaro has designed during his fifty-five years in the car business.

3 HK Motors’ 2018 U.S. sales target, in millions. (In 2009, GM sold more cars here than anyone else: 2.1 million.)

2013 The year Hybrid Kinetic Motors’ new assembly plant is supposed to open in Baldwin County, Alabama. Two additional U.S. factories are planned.

300,000 The number of cars the factory is slated to produce annually, at the start of production. Volume eventually ramps up to 1 million units per year (nearly three times as much as today’s highest-producing U.S. auto factory).

8 The number of models – sedans, minivans, crossovers, SUVs, and light commercial vehicles – that Italdesign has been contracted to design for HK Motors.

1.5 The displacement in liters of the turbocharged gasoline/electric hybrid powertrain that the German engineering firm FEV Motorentechnik is developing for use in all HK Motors models.

45 The mpg claimed for the most fuel-efficient vehicles in the HK Motors lineup.

$20,000-$60,000 Price range of the vehicles that HK Motors intends to sell.

500 Grand The amount of dollars that, if invested in an economically depressed area, can qualify the members of one foreign family to receive a U.S. permanent-resident green card. This program, instituted in 1990 and called an EB-5 visa, is the bait HK Motors will use to entice wealthy Chinese investors.

15,723 The number of EB-5 visas possible with the Alabama venture, which will in turn raise $7.86 billion, according to HK Motors vice chairman Charles Huang.