Tokyo Show Preview: Honda HSC

Let’s see: A screaming, mid-mounted V-6 engine, a rakish supercar body with seating for two, and an aluminum structure that’s as rigid as it is lightweight. Honda may have dubbed their gorgeous sports car concept the HSC, but this one’s got NSX written all over it.

The 37th Tokyo Motor Show opens to the public on Saturday, October 25, and runs through Wednesday, November 5. Be sure to visit for the latest from the show floor, including the full low-down on Honda’s HSC and the newest designs from the Land of the Rising Sun, including:

— The Mazda Ibuki roadster concept, a strong indicator of the next Miata.
— The Subaru B9 Scrambler Euro-styled roadster concept with all-wheel drive (naturally).
— The Lexus LF-S concept, pointing the way for the luxury marque’s future styling.

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