How to make a Porsche 176 pounds lighter

Porsche’s new Boxster Spyder weighs in at 2811 pounds with a manual transmission. That’s 176 pounds lighter than a Boxster S. Here’s where Porsche stuck the liposuction hose:

Roof and aluminum rear deck, 46.3 pounds: A two-piece manual soft top replaces the Boxster’s power roof. This also enables Porsche to use a single hatch on the rear deck rather than two separate lids (one for the roof and one for the trunk). The one-piece deck lid is made of aluminum to maximize weight savigns.

Aluminum doors, 33.1 pounds: Like the 911 Turbo and GT3, the Spyder replaces steel doors with aluminum pieces.

Door panels, 2.2 pounds: There aren’t any map pockets in the Boxster Spyder, but maps are weight, so you don’t want them anyway. The plastic door handles to get out of the car have also been replaced with loops of nylon strapping.

Seats, 26.5 pounds: Sport bucket seats coddle the driver, and while the padding is comfortably thick, the shell is made of carbon fiber.

Fuel tank, 15.4 pounds: Shrinking the gas tank by 2.6 gallons to a 14.3 gallon capacity results in a substantial weight savings. Which makes us wonder why they didn’t make it a 13-gallon tank…or a ten-gallon tank…or a five-gallon tank…

Air conditioning, 28.7 pounds: You can option the air conditioning back into the Boxster Spyder if you’re one of those guys who sweats a lot, but the better solution is to constantly drive really fast with the top down.

Radio and battery, 13.2 pounds: The Spyder uses a small battery and comes without a radio. If you’re really serious about dropping weight, you can opt for the lithium-ion battery that will cost you about $3000. If you really just like the Spyder for the contrasting graphics on the sides, Porsche will install a radio for no charge.

Wheels, 11.0 pounds: Porsche not only cut weight with the wheels, but also made them larger, measuring 19 inches in diameter. Porsche’s success in engineering larger but lighter wheels, however, is not justification to mount 22-inch chrome rollers on your ’94 Caprice.

A small portion of the weight reduction is achieved by removing items like cup holders and the cover on the instrument cluster.

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