How the Ford Mustang Station Wagon Didnt Happen

When it comes to body variations in the history of the Ford Mustang, most will think of three: hardtop, convertible, and fastback.; Though that’s mostly been the case over the past forty-five years, Ford toyed with adding a fourth: a station wagon.

Photos of a 1966 Mustang “shooting brake”, including the one posted above,; have circulated amongst enthusiasts for decades, but the exact story behind the car was often elusive.; According to Hemmings, As it turns out, Ford never actually built their a station wagon Mustang, but custom designer Intermeccanica built two examples in 1965.

The cars were featured in period magazines, and then shown to Ford as an idea car.; Ford rejected the design not because it found the idea of a “Mustang Country Squire” offensive, but because it had its own design staff working on a similar vehicle. Ford rejected the idea of an outside design, and passed over Intermeccanica’s proposal.; Interestingly, Ford scrapped its own Mustang wagon plans soon afterward.

That said, a number of enthusiasts, inspired by the original one-offs, have modified their own cars into station wagons.; As a result, the strange yet ultimately tragic idea continues to live on.

Source: Hemmings Auto Blogs