Hot Fuzz: Dodge to Offer 2012 Charger Pursuit with Mopar Police Accessories

In the market for a red, white and blue light rack for your police-uprated 2012 Dodge Charger? Chrysler’s Mopar accessories brand has a few one-stop shopping options for cops, thanks to a series of new road-ready option packages available for the Charger Pursuit.
Typically, cop cars leave the factory in a semi-completed state. While automakers add features (i.e. heavy-duty cooling systems, upgraded brake and suspension components, etc.) to appease law enforcement officers, the police-spec cars are still devoid of some specialized equipment. Traditionally, police forces buy vehicles from the OEM, and then ship them to an independent company, which then installs light bars, sirens, push bumpers, interior partitions, and so on.
Mopar, however, is seeking to cut out the middleman — or, at the very least, reduce the number of steps needed to order a ready-to-run police cruiser. In partnership with Crown North America — an upfitter located close to the Charger’s assembly line in Brampton, Ontario — Mopar offers six packages that add the necessary equipment to complete the vehicle.
Mopar’s base package includes a bespoke wiring harness, a power distribution center, a slide-out trunk tray, a cooling fan for any trunk-mounted electrical accessories, and a 100-watt siren. From there, buyers can pick from five different quick-order packages — two of which do without lightbars, perfect for unmarked applications — that add various combinations of exterior lights, push bumpers, and other accessories. If those don’t offer the particular hardware an agency desires, Mopar also offers another 24 standalone options at additional cost.
These packages don’t change how the equipment is installed — these items are still added after the car itself is built — but it does offer a few advantages to customers. Not only does this streamline the ordering process, but it also protects the add-on equipment with a 3-year/ 36,000-mile warranty.
Source: Dodge