Honk at Geese, Get Directions from Hollywood’s Gary Busey with NavTones

Let’s face it: Audible navigation directions are boring and overly digitized. The voices are drab and the pronunciations usually incorrect. Thanks to, your commute is about to change. This week the company has announced a new star to its celebrity navigation voice lineup: Mr. Gary Busey.

Drivers with Garmin nuvi series or TomTom GPS systems can be led turn-by-turn by the Academy Award nominee-turned-Hollywood-troublemaker. Busey recorded 60 audio clips for NavTones in both funny or standard (without jokes) formats, so he’s guaranteed to make your drive a memorable one.

One of funniest clips deals with honking at geese:

“My name is Gary Busey. And if you ever get bored, just honk at geese. Even though you don’t see any, just honk at them. [loud, obnoxious geese honks] See? I’m not bored because I’m honking at geese.”

Click onto to hear the full clip. If you like it, the full set will put you back just $6.95. And considering the level of entertainment they’ll bring to your everyday commute, that’s a steal.

Source: Navtones