Honda to Build Hybrid Motorcycles

Honda Motor Co. announced that it will be producing hybrid motorcycles as early as the mid 2010’s and electric motor cycles as early as 2011. These new motorcycles are estimated to have fifty percent better fuel economy.

This move is part of Honda’s initiative to help stave off rising gas prices and stem global warming. Previously, a hybrid system was commonly thought to be too large and structurally complex to be added to a motorcycle frame. Honda believes that it has found the solution and says that their hybrid motorbikes will have engine displacements between 200 and 1000 cc.

The ranges of the electric bikes are still unknown, but Honda says that the smaller models will travel at least 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) in one charge. That’s not much, but this configuration would have the incentive of decimating fuel costs.

Along with the hybrid and electric bikes, Honda also announced that it’s planning a line of electric scooters and a possible revival of the legendary Cub.

Source: The Mainichi Daily News