First Look: Honda Small Sports EV Concept

Honda will use its home turf of Japan to show off four small new concept cars. The “mini vehicle,” electric sports car, plug-in hybrid sedan, and electric city car will all be shown off at the Tokyo Motor Show at the end of this month.

The aptly named Small Sports EV Concept is an electric car that’s said to be fun to drive, while at the same time producing very few (if any) emissions. The car has jagged, angular lines, and looks to be a two-seat affair with a targa-style roof opening. Expect more specifications to emerge as the show grows closer.

Honda calls the AC-X a “next generation” plug-in hybrid, and says the car is equally suited for urban and long-distance trips. The concept car can be used in “engine drive mode” for maximum performance, or “automatic” mode which apparently is suited for more leisurely driving. The four-door car looks like an elongated version of Honda’s Insight hybrid.

The Micro Commuter Concept represents Honda’s vision for tiny electric city cars of the future. It resembles a smart fortwo, but with wraparound fenders surrounding each of the four wheels. A bare-bones cabin is home to just one seat and a barren dashboard. The car’s controls resemble joysticks and yokes, rather than a traditional steering wheel.

Finally, Honda will show a tiny hatchback called the N Concept, which previews a production model called the N BOX. The square, boxy design looks like a shrunken-down Nissan Cube, and appears to be a car that meets Japan’s “kei car” rules. The N Concept is tall and skinny, with large tinted windows and minuscule wheels.


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