Honda announces more details on new small hybrid

Will Honda soon be selling the least expensive hybrid available?

Company CEO Takeo Fukui has announced Honda’s future small hybrid (scheduled to be introduced in early 2009) will take advantage of weight reductions and shaving costs associated with Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist (or parallel hybrid drivetrain) technology. Along with rapidly advancing technology, this should help the new FCX Clarity-inspired hybrid become more fuel-efficient and affordable by the time Honda’s five-door hatchback hits North American showrooms.

Approximately 200,000 future Honda hybrids (a name and additional details will be released later this year) are scheduled to be produced alongside the Civic Hybrid, and Honda also plans to introduce two additional small hybrids — one based on the 2007 Tokyo auto show’s CR-Z sports car and a Fit hybrid model.

However, does this mean consumers will be more inclined to choose new Honda hybrids over Toyota‘s more established hybrid lineup? Click here to tell us at our forums.