Honda Plans Fit Hybrid by 2015

No automaker currently offers a subcompact hybrid vehicle, but Honda intends to change that with a Fit hybrid.

The automaker previously refrained from putting hybrid powertrain into the already fuel-efficient Fit, but company president Takeo Fukui now says a hybrid model would “get even better” fuel economy.; In order to attract customers, however, the hybrid option shouldn’t cost more than $2000 – a tight budget, but Honda’s got plenty of time to work on it.

The hybrid Fit likely wouldn’t appear until 2015, appearing on the third generation Fit (the second generation model launches in the U.S. later this year).; Honda plans for three other hybrids to be introduced by that time, including a sedan along the lines of Toyota’s Prius, a revamped Civic hybrid and a “sporty” hybrid – possibly based off the CR-Z concept.

Source: Automotive News


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